President’s Message

Hello Colleagues and Friends,

It is through tough times, challenging times, and times when we’re faced with obstacles that we learn who we are. As members of the Hackensack Education Association, we have shown that we are people who are resilient. The district has been through periods of upheaval, and yet we still stand. The reason why: YOU!

We have joined together on many occasions to reach the goals set before us, and together we have achieved those goals. We took challenges that came our way and never said NO. As a result, we found success in several different areas.

Thanks to all of you, I can proudly say that our Hackensack Education Association continues to build upon the solid foundations that were laid and is turning them into opportunities for us to continue to showcase our talents, efforts, creativity, and those areas that demonstrate just how unique and diverse we are.

Because of the work you’ve done and will do, I am honored to be your President. I am even more honored to serve with such a hardworking team of individuals that includes Thomas Picone, Sonia Recarte, and Jessica Luciano. I am grateful for the chairpersons, building leaders, and building representatives that continually work with us to strengthen our Association.

I look forward to taking our Association to the next level, as we set, plan for, and achieve goals that will benefit all of us. We really are all in this together.

Thank you for your continued support, trust, and encouragement!

We definitely are STRONGER TOGETHER!

~Donna M. West