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Welcome back! 

I hope that you had a great summer, and you’re ready to get back to work. When I say, “get back to work,” I don’t mean simply what we all do as employees of the Hackensack School District. 

No, I mean, “Are we ready to get back to the work of unifying our Association and empowering our members?” 

We need to get back to work making Hackensack Education Association stronger and better than ever. 

We need to get back to work supporting each other. We know that when each and every one of us is helping another, we win. You know who else wins when we work together? Our students win! 

We need to get back to the work of making sure our communities are safer, and inclusive of all people our communities serve.  

We need to get back to work talking to our legislators about the importance of fully funding our pensions and getting real relief from the devastating impact of Chapter 78 on our paychecks. 

We need to get back to work having meaningful conversations with each other, our family, our friends, and our neighbors about making sure that we elect pro-education and pro-labor legislators to represent us from Hackensack to Washington, DC. 

This work is going to take some effort though, and I need each and every one of you to pitch in and be a part of our progress. 

Do get involved. Think of belonging to our Association like a gym membership — you only see results when you show up and get to work. We need you on our committees, at our monthly meetings, at school board meetings, writing postcards to legislators, and many other things which will not demand much of your time.

I’m very honored to be the President of our great Hackensack Education Association! Let’s get to work, and have a great year together!

Donna M. West
HEA President